shining is conceptual social photography blog that was born during a family trip to rome by my brother and i (he is the original shiner).
as a child i had to go to places like notre dame, the eifel tower and the statue of liberty with my parents, and to watch and hear them and all the other people around us being amazed from those huge blocks of stone that were built to show the power of some ego maniac who wanted people to remeber him.
as a consequence today i find no pleasure of visiting these kind of places, and often even feel sick from humanity when i see that those assholes who built those buildings got exactly what they wanted.
I feel that shining brought back for me the joy of being a tourist. on this trip to rome when my brother and i hanged around and took those photos we had a chance to act as normal tourists but to be very special at the same time.
i would like to see shining photos from famous monuments and buildings around the world, i would be happy to recieve pictures and post them here.
go and join the tourists!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Israel Part I Tel Aviv Jaffa

Tel Aviv
So i started my trip in Tel Aviv, the first jewish city after 2000 years of exile. this view can be seen from Jaffa 

Tel Aviv in Wikipedia

Other than being the most laid back city in this country, Tel Aviv also offers massive amount of very cheap anise Alcohol called Arak, and some nice bars where one can consume it. Combining this with the natural tendency of showing our dicks me and my brother made some funny photos, even though they do not exactly fit with the shining concept.
The Dangers of Arak
This is an important picture, its the first shining photo of the two of us together!

 Shining in the Shesek

The Shesek Bar is a super cool and shining friendly place. here i shine with Mixmonster, one of Israel's Top DJ's and a member of The Apples. I call on you good people to go to Israel and shine at the Shesek, who knows you might also get lucky and find yourself doing something nasty in the toilets!

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  1. so the nasty thing you did was shitting all over the shesek toilets??
    Ronit <3