shining is conceptual social photography blog that was born during a family trip to rome by my brother and i (he is the original shiner).
as a child i had to go to places like notre dame, the eifel tower and the statue of liberty with my parents, and to watch and hear them and all the other people around us being amazed from those huge blocks of stone that were built to show the power of some ego maniac who wanted people to remeber him.
as a consequence today i find no pleasure of visiting these kind of places, and often even feel sick from humanity when i see that those assholes who built those buildings got exactly what they wanted.
I feel that shining brought back for me the joy of being a tourist. on this trip to rome when my brother and i hanged around and took those photos we had a chance to act as normal tourists but to be very special at the same time.
i would like to see shining photos from famous monuments and buildings around the world, i would be happy to recieve pictures and post them here.
go and join the tourists!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shining all over Basel

I was very excited toward my visit in Basel. as an Israeli boy, i grew up brainwashed about Zionism and the mythological story of Theodor Herzl. now, grown up and clear-eyed, I think that Zionism is just as stupid as any -ISM. I can almost say -as stupid as a religion. but nothing is as stupid as a religion. anyway, don’t get me wrong, Herzl was a great man, a true visionary man, crazy, possessed by his idea, unstoppable. when he just started everybody laughed at him. now he is semi-god. almost like Jesus Christ or Elvis Presley.
That is why I wanted to take this tribute picture. It was taken In the same hotel where Herzl made his iconic picture in 1902 - The Three Kings Hotel in Basel only one floor under-at the balcony of the Hotel’s Cafe. I actually shined also in the exact place - room no 117, but the pictures was not as good as this.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The shining that will never happen - Shining at the World Trade Center

Too bad i wont be able to take a real picture there.
the only political opinion i have on this subject is bla bla bla Al Qaida bla bla bla Iraq bla bla bla Oil bla bla CIA bla bla Bush bla bla bla America. And to quote The Monks at Black Monk time: "stop it! stop it! i dont like it! its too loud for my ears!"
Peace in the middle east

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shining all over Abbey Road

Wise man once said: ask not what Shining can do for you — ask what you can do for Shining.
well, in my 9 visits to London, I was too proud to go and sight-see the holy crosswalk of Abbey Road, but this time I had a a higher cause. I’m happy I’ve waited so long because the experience was as mind blowing as listening to the Innumerable classic albums that were recorded in this very street. And I’m not talking just about the iconic Beatles’ Abbey road album cover that was an Inevitable reference for this shot. so many great albums were made in this studio: The rattles, Golden guitar, all of Syd Barret’s work and much more.
The situation in this corner of Grove End Rd and the famous Abbey Rd. is very funny. in the hour we spent there, hundreds of Beatles fans were interrupting the heavy traffic just to get their own picture on the legendary crosswalk. Luckily most of the drivers were patient enough.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shining all over London

 Unlucky as a man can be, I arrived with The Apples to London on august 8th. It was the 3rd day of what will be remembered in history as the 2011 England riots. the following day we were suppose to play a gig at a club in Shoreditch. the sad news hit us on the way out of the Old Street tube station - the gig was canceled due to the situation.
As the cliche says - The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. so while all the clubs in east and north London were not allowed to open and Camden market’s merchants had to close in 15:00, the City Of Westminster was still swinging with street artists and other tourists attractions. the sun was shining and i was in a perfect mood for Shining.
Our holy grail for the mission was The Big Ben. We arrived early evening with beautiful dimmed sunlight coloring the tower in orange. We found a nice frame, and had much joy comparing Big Ben to my small penis.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shining all over the Slutwalk

this post of shining is special for two reasons.
First of all its the first shining post that actively supports a cause. i dont know if any of you are aware to the slutwalk or the reasons behind it.
The Slutwalk is an anti sexist and anti chauvinist demonstration (and a nice place to watch cute girls half naked)
its started as a response to things said by Constable Michael Sanguinetti, a toronto police officer that said that to remain safe, "women should avoid dressing like sluts".
I hope women will not listen to the cop, or to any other man trying to put them down. continue dressing like sluts, and feel (and be) safe about it.
And men, remember, no means no (yes means yes).
the second special thing is the new member of the shining community, please welcome Little Ms. Shining!

sign say: "no means no"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Shining all over Wroclaw

Its been a long time since we posted, thats because we still havent got a sponsor to send us to places around the world.
anyway, we were lucky enough to get the opportunity the go to poland for free.
unfortunately for you guys we didnt have much tíme to shine, so we did it only when we could, but Wroclaw girls are amazing so we sure will come back there to finish the job.
in Wroclaw we only had a chance to go to the New Jewish Synagogue, a temple that was built in 1829 and was destroyed in the kristalnacht.
the front of the synagogue

inside the synagogue theres an exhibition about the story of the jewish community in Wroclaw, i found it to be a bit boring but i did find this great mirror to take a picture with. if i was to build a jewish theme park somewhere, i would steal this mirror idea.
another thing we were lucky to see in Wroclaw is some kind of weird fire department ceremony. they had a big band, they walked like soldiers, they wore uniforms. im sure their mother's were proud.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Israel Part II - The Dead Sea


Well ive been thinking about it, and though a "true" shining will always be taken near some recognizable object that represent the evil History of Humanity, and here its a natural thing, since both shining brothers are here they are actually shining on one another and that is fine.
I take this opportunity to call on you all potential shiners to go on and take your pictures and grow our community.
The Dead sea on Wikipedia 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Holy Shit Part II - Shining over Al Aqsa

Well not exactly over Al Aqsa, but thats the closest we could get. let call it shining in the vicinity of Al Aqsa.
I would like to say here i have only love and respect to all people.
Im a bit dissapointed that we didnt get to the church of nativity, im calling YOU to go there and do it for me
Al Aqsa in wikipedia

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holy Shit pt 1 - Shining at the The Western Wall

This was by far the scariest place to shine upon, full of cameras, orthodox jews, police and army, but what can i do? god told me to do it :)
some info in wikipedia
come back soon to see more of Jerusalem holly places