shining is conceptual social photography blog that was born during a family trip to rome by my brother and i (he is the original shiner).
as a child i had to go to places like notre dame, the eifel tower and the statue of liberty with my parents, and to watch and hear them and all the other people around us being amazed from those huge blocks of stone that were built to show the power of some ego maniac who wanted people to remeber him.
as a consequence today i find no pleasure of visiting these kind of places, and often even feel sick from humanity when i see that those assholes who built those buildings got exactly what they wanted.
I feel that shining brought back for me the joy of being a tourist. on this trip to rome when my brother and i hanged around and took those photos we had a chance to act as normal tourists but to be very special at the same time.
i would like to see shining photos from famous monuments and buildings around the world, i would be happy to recieve pictures and post them here.
go and join the tourists!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shining all over London

 Unlucky as a man can be, I arrived with The Apples to London on august 8th. It was the 3rd day of what will be remembered in history as the 2011 England riots. the following day we were suppose to play a gig at a club in Shoreditch. the sad news hit us on the way out of the Old Street tube station - the gig was canceled due to the situation.
As the cliche says - The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. so while all the clubs in east and north London were not allowed to open and Camden market’s merchants had to close in 15:00, the City Of Westminster was still swinging with street artists and other tourists attractions. the sun was shining and i was in a perfect mood for Shining.
Our holy grail for the mission was The Big Ben. We arrived early evening with beautiful dimmed sunlight coloring the tower in orange. We found a nice frame, and had much joy comparing Big Ben to my small penis.

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  1. the second picture is from Piccadilly Circus and was shot on the second day.
    stay tuned for Shining all over London -part II- Abbey Road :)