shining is conceptual social photography blog that was born during a family trip to rome by my brother and i (he is the original shiner).
as a child i had to go to places like notre dame, the eifel tower and the statue of liberty with my parents, and to watch and hear them and all the other people around us being amazed from those huge blocks of stone that were built to show the power of some ego maniac who wanted people to remeber him.
as a consequence today i find no pleasure of visiting these kind of places, and often even feel sick from humanity when i see that those assholes who built those buildings got exactly what they wanted.
I feel that shining brought back for me the joy of being a tourist. on this trip to rome when my brother and i hanged around and took those photos we had a chance to act as normal tourists but to be very special at the same time.
i would like to see shining photos from famous monuments and buildings around the world, i would be happy to recieve pictures and post them here.
go and join the tourists!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Shining All Over Tokyo Part II - Shinjuku and Godzilla

Shining all over Tokyo Part II was a hard post to produce, the reason for that is I really really hated doing sight seeing in Tokyo. Even though I found some great things in Tokyo like crazy record shops, amazing food and above all some really beautiful people, every time i had to go out to face the streets I became stressed. I was constantly blinded by the neon lights and every machine, commercial or traffic lights spoke to me in a screechy high voice as I got near it. Add to all this that my wife is a really fast-walking person that was under a tight schedule, and you get a disaster. Nevertheless, i was thrilled to find this Godzilla statue and deep down in my heart i hoped it would come into life and consume this crazy city around me.  Who knows, maybe the people who made Godzilla felt at some point the same?

The next picture was taken in the Shinjuku station. I don't consider it to be a pretty Shining but its the world  busiest train station so it deserves to be shined upon.
Better and more optimistic shining post from Osaka and Hiroshima coming soon!

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